Man vs. Woman ;-)

How to torture a woman?
Give her an ARMANI dress, DIAMOND jewelry
MAC cosmetics
GUCCi shoes n lock her in a room without mirror
TADAP TADAP K MAR JAAYEGi..’…..👗👜💄💍👠….😉😜


Chess is the only game in the world which reflects the status of the husband.
the poor king can take only one step at a time …
While the mighty queen can do whatever she likes.
A woman is driving 1st time on the highway.
Her husband calls & says: “Be careful love, It’s just been on the radio that some one is driving opposite to the traffic on the highway..”

She replies: “Someone..? These rascals are in hundreds.!!!


Why do most indian women request 4 the same husband in the next life.?..
Arre..itni mehnat se train kiya hai..
waste thodi jane denge.!😝

Depressed Husband to his fat wife:”You are my only investment that has doubled.”

(via Saif K.)

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