Side effects of alcohol…. And remedies!!! :-)

1. *Symptom*: Cold and humid feet. *
Cause :* Glass is being held at incorrect angle (You are pouring the Drink on your feet). *
Cure: *Manoueuvre glass until open end is facing upward

2. *Symptom*: The wall facing you is full of lights. *
Cause : *You’re lying on the floor. *
Cure: *Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

3. *Symptom:* The floor looks blurry. *
Cause : *You’re looking through an empty glass. *
Cure: *Quickly refill your glass!

4. *Symptom*: The floor is moving. *
Cause : *You’re being dragged away. *
Cure: *At least ask where they’re taking you!

5. *Symptom:* You hear echoes every time someone speaks. *
Cause : *You have your glass on your ear and tryin to drink from it *
Cure: *Stop making a fool of yourself!

6. *Symptom*: Your dad and all your brothers are looking funny. *
Cause : *You’re in the wrong house. *
Cure:* Ask if they can point you to your house.

7. *Symptom:* The room is shaking a lot, everyone is dressed in white and the music is very repetitive. *
Cause* : You’re in an ambulance. *
Cure:* Don’t move. Let the professionals do their job.



(via Philip E.)

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