Do you still remember those awkward days in schools during exams-

  • When a bright student tells the invigilator that question 4 has a problem, but you have already answered it! 😳 
  • When a fellow student asks for a graph paper, but you are finished, and did not see anywhere where it was required! 😧 
  • When the invigilator says jump question 6 we will rectify it later, but it was the question you enjoyed answering the most! 😟 
  • When you see people busy using rulers and you are wondering what is going on! 😣
  • When you hear your friends arguing after the exam whether the answer to question 5 was 35.5% or 36%, and your answer was South Africa! 😩
  • When you feel very happy about finishing the paper half an hour before, giving grins to others scribbling furiously.. and later wondering outside the hall at people saying Part III was difficult, when as per you there were only two Parts! 😣

Via whatsapp 

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