Indian Lexophile

1. “Mujhe ek ghante se auto nahi mili, shayad bhagwaan meri paRICKSHAW le raha hai”😝
2. “My body is in office, but my mind is SOMVAR else” #Monday Blues😂
3. “I am feeling too lazy to meet my friends. AALSI them later”😂
4. “Son: Rum Piyoge? 

Dad: Oye puttar ‘Bacar’di gal na kar”😂
5. “If you eat fiery garlic pickle before class, you’ll learn a valuable Lehsun”😂
6. Weight loss frustration… “Pran jaaye par wajan naa jaye”😂
7. Saw a line of Hyundai Sonatas parked on an empty road. Asked someone there “itna sonata kyu hai bhai”😂
8. A daughter is the perfect child. A son is just a Beta version 😂
9. When in Chennai, many North Indians wonder..”Ye kaahan aa gaye hum, yoo hee south south chalte”😂😂
10. She is Libra I am Leo humari Jodi kuch gemini
11. Decided to go to a Italian restaurant kyunki woh ghar ke PASTA😏

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