Interesting Anagrams

Here is a list of word pairs, called ANAGRAMS. The interesting part is they are formed by the same set of alphabets but convey a mutually contradictory or sometimes complementary meaning. Here are a dozen of them.

1. Teach Cheat
Some people teach, some cheat and remaining teach to cheat.

2. Listen. Silent
Be silent and listen.

3. Admirer. Married
Status before and after marriage.

4.Fast. Fats
Either fast or add fats as you feast.

5. Marital. Martial
A misplaced 'I' turns marital relationship into martial one.

6. Creative. Reactive
You can never be creative if you are reactive.

7. Sweat. Waste
If you dont sweat as a youth you will waste your entire life, so sweat or waste.

8. Bedroom. Boredom
Always keep boredom out of your bedroom because that is the place where you spent half of your life and mostly in your own company.

9. Vote. Veto
One veto and a million votes undone.

10. Exist. Exits
We exist between our entries and exits.

11. Stain. Saint
Hard to find a saint without a stain.

12. Split. Spilt
Dont cry over split milk. Make paneer. Dont cry over spilt milk either. Feed the cat.

– via Marina A.

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